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Ardas Prem

by Bachan

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Tu Thaakur Tum Peh Ardās ||
 You are our Master; to you, I offer this humble prayer. Jio Pind Sabh Tayree Raas ||
 This body and soul are all your belonging. Thum Maata Pithaa Ham Baarik Thaerae ||
 You are our mother and father; and we are your children. Tumaree Kirpaa Meh Sukh Ghanayrey || 
 In your grace, we experience ultimate peace! Koe Na Jaanay Tumraa Unt ||
 No-one knows your infinite vastness. Oochay Tey Oochaa Bhagavant ||
 O highest of the high, most generous God, Sagal Samagree Tumaray Soothr Dhaaree || 
 The whole creation is strung on your thread. Tum Tey Hoe So Aageyakaaree ||
 That which has come from you is in your will. Tumaree Gath Mith Tum Hee Jaanee || 
 You alone know your existence and vastness. Nanak Daas Sadhaa Kurbaanee || Nanak, Your slave, is forever surrendering to you. ||
Transliteration Bhand jammee-ai bhand nimmee-ai bhand mangan vee-aaho. Bhanda-ho hovai dos-tee bhanda-hu cha-lai raahu. Bhand mu-aa bhand bhaalee-ai bhand hovai ban- dhaan. So ki-o man-daa aakhee-ai jit ja-meh raa jaan. Bhanda- ho hee bhand oop-jai, bhandai baajh na ko-ay. Naanak bhandai baa-hraa ayko sachaa so-ay. Naanak bhandai baa-hraa ayko sachaa so-ay. Jit mukh sadaa salaa hee-ai bhaagaa ratee chaar. Nanak tay mukh ooj – lay tit sa-chay dar-baar. (English Translation, adapted by Bachan Kaur) From woman, all humans are born; within woman, we are conceived; to woman one becomes engaged and married. Woman becomes a friend; through woman, future generations are born. When woman dies, one seeks another woman, to woman we are bound. So why do we call her bad? From her, all great ones are born? From woman, even woman is born; without woman, there would be no one at all. O Nanak, only the infinite is without a woman. Blessed and beautiful is the mouth that continually praises the Source of all. O Nanak, those faces shall be radiant in the Court of the Divine. credits Original Words come from the Sikh Holy Scriptures, the Siri Guru Granth Sahib. This section is: Raag Aasaa - Guru Nanak Dev Ji - Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji - Ang 473 You can find it here: www.sikhitothemax.org/shabad?id=1748&q=bjbn&type=7&source=all&highlight=21284
Maulee dharatee mauliaa akaas || The earth is in bloom, and the sky is in bloom. GhaT ghaT mauliaa aatam pragaas ||1|| Each and every heart has blossomed forth, and the soul is illumined. ||1|| Raajaa raam mauliaa anat bhai || My Sovereign Lord King blossoms forth in countless ways. Jeh dhekhau teh rahiaa samai ||1|| rahaau || Wherever I look, I see Him there pervading. ||1||Pause|| Dhuteeaa maule chaar bedh || The four Vedas blossom forth in duality. Si(n)mirat maulee siau kateb ||2|| The Simritees blossom forth, along with the Koran and the Bible. ||2|| Sa(n)kar maulio jog dhiaan || Shiva blossoms forth in Yoga and meditation. Kabeer ko suaamee sabh samaan ||3||1|| Kabeer's Lord and Master pervades in all alike. ||3||1||
Unfortunately I cannot figure out how to get Bandcamp to show the original Gurmukhi Script:) Here is the Roman Transliteration and English Translation of this Shabad. To view the beautiful original Gurmukhi Script, go the following link: https://www.igurbani.com/shabad/avnv?verse=qsn3 Maajh mehalaa 5 || Maajh, Fifth Mehl: Thoon maeraa pithaa thoonhai maeraa maathaa || You are my Father, and You are my Mother. Thoon maeraa bandhhap thoon maeraa bhraathaa || You are my Relative, and You are my Brother. Thoon maeraa raakhaa sabhanee thhaaee thaa bho kaehaa kaarraa jeeo ||1|| You are my Protector everywhere; why should I feel any fear or anxiety? ||1|| Thumaree kirapaa thae thudhh pashhaanaa || By Your Grace, I recognize You. Thoon maeree outt thoonhai maeraa maanaa || You are my Shelter, and You are my Honor. Thujh bin dhoojaa avar n koee sabh thaeraa khael akhaarraa jeeo ||2|| Without You, there is no other; the entire Universe is the Arena of Your Play. ||2|| Jeea janth sabh thudhh oupaaeae || You have created all beings and creatures. Jith jith bhaanaa thith thith laaeae || As it pleases You, You assign tasks to one and all. Sabh kishh keethaa thaeraa hovai naahee kishh asaarraa jeeo ||3|| All things are Your Doing; we can do nothing ourselves. ||3|| Naam dhhiaae mehaa sukh paaeiaa || Meditating on the Naam, I have found great peace. Har gun gaae maeraa man seethalaaeiaa || Singing the Glorious Praises of the Creator, my mind is cooled and soothed. Gur poorai vajee vaadhhaaee naanak jithaa bikhaarraa jeeo ||4||24||31|| Through the Perfect Awakening, congratulations are pouring in-Nanak is victorious on the arduous battlefield of life! ||4||24||31|| credits
View original Gurmukhi Lyrics here: https://www.igurbani.com/shabad/yiye?verse=c8bw jis simarath sabh kilavikh naasehi pitharee hoe oudhhaaro || Remembering Him, all sins are erased, and ones generations are saved. so har har thumh sadh hee jaapahu jaa kaa anth n paaro ||1|| So meditate continually on the Lord, Har, Har; He has no end or limitation. ||1|| poothaa maathaa kee aasees || O son, this is your mother's hope and prayer nimakh n bisaro thumh ko har har sadhaa bhajahu jagadhees ||1|| rehaao || That you may never forget the Lord, Har, Har, even for an instant. May you ever vibrate upon the Lord of the Universe. ||1||Pause|| sathigur thumh ko hoe dhaeiaalaa santhasang thaeree preeth || May the True Guru be kind to you, and may you love the Society of the Saints. kaaparr path paramaesar raakhee bhojan keerathan neeth ||2|| May the preservation of your honor by the Transcendent Lord be your clothes, and may the singing of His Praises be your food. ||2|| anmrith peevahu sadhaa chir jeevahu har simarath anadh ananthaa || So drink in forever the Ambrosial Nectar; may you live long, and may the meditative remembrance of the Lord give you infinite delight. rang thamaasaa pooran aasaa kabehi n biaapai chinthaa ||3|| May joy and pleasure be yours; may your hopes be fulfilled, and may you never be troubled by worries. ||3|| bhavar thumhaaraa eihu man hovo har charanaa hohu koulaa || Let this mind of yours be the bumble bee, and let the Lord's feet be the lotus flower. naanak dhaas oun sang lapattaaeiou jio boondhehi chaathrik moulaa ||4||3||4|| Says servant Nanak, attach your mind to them, and blossom forth like the song-bird, upon finding the rain-drop. ||4||3||4||
"So Purkh Niranjan, Har Purkh Niranjan, Har Agamaa Agam Apaaraa" "That Primal Being is Immaculate and Pure. The One Primal Being, is Immaculate and Pure. The One is within all and beyond all.”
naam niranjan neer naraa-in. rasnaa simrat paap bilaa-in. ||1|| rahaa-o. naaraa-in sabh maahi nivaas. naaraa-in ghat ghat pargaas. naaraa-in kahtay narak na jaahi. naaraa-in sayv sagal fal paahi. ||1|| naaraa-in man maahi aDhaar. naaraa-in bohith sansaar. naaraa-in kahat jam bhaag palaa-in. naaraa-in dant bhaanay daa-in. ||2|| naaraa-in sad sad bakhsind. naaraa-in keenay sookh anand. naaraa-in pargat keeno partaap. naaraa-in sant ko maa-ee baap. ||3|| naaraa-in saaDhsang naraa-in. baaraN baar naraa-in gaa-in. basat agochar gur mil lahee. naaraa-in ot naanak daas gahee. Translation: The Name of the Immaculate Lord is the Ambrosial Water. Chanting it with the tongue, sins are washed away. ||1||Pause|| The Lord abides in everyone. The Lord illumines each and every heart. Chanting the Lord’s Name, one does not fall into hell. Serving the Lord, all fruitful rewards are obtained. ||1|| Within my mind is the Support of the Lord. The Lord is the boat to cross over the world-ocean. Chant the Lord’s Name, and the Messenger of Death will run away. The Lord breaks the teeth of Maya, the witch. ||2|| The Lord is forever and ever the Forgiver. The Lord blesses us with peace and bliss. The Lord has revealed His glory. The Lord is the mother and father of His Saint. ||3|| The Lord, the Lord, is in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy. Time and time again, I sing the Lord’s Praises. Meeting with the Guru, I have attained the incomprehensible object. Slave Nanak has grasped the Support of the Lord. ||4||17||19||.
Pavan guru paanee pitaa Maataa dharat mahat Divas raat du-i daa-ee dayaa Khaylai sakal jagat Wind is the teacher, Water is the father, and Earth is the great mother. Day and night are the two kind nurturers, and (the world) plays under them.. Changi-aaiaa Buri-aaiaa Vaachayi dharam hadoor Karmee aapo aapanee kay neday kay door The record of good and bad deeds is read out In presence of the Lord of Dharma. According to their own deeds, some draw closer, some are driven away. Jinee naam dhiaaiyaa Gey masakat ghaal Nanak tay mukh ujalay Kaytee chhootee naal Those who have meditated on the Name of the Lord, And departed after having worked by the sweat of their brow, O Nanak, their faces are radiant (when in God's court) And many others are saved along with them.
Humee Hum Brahm Hum ”We are we and we are God”


Ardas Prem
A prayer for Divine Love

This album is a collection of some of my favourite Shabads (mystical Sikh poetry), that I have recorded over the past 8 years or so. This is likely my last album as the artist Bachan Kaur, and is a big Thank You to this incredible tradition.

Settle in ~ soar between the rhythms and melodies of these meditations on Divine love. You will hear a spectrum of lo-fi meditative renditions and improvisations, alongside explorative, electronic compositions.

A special thanks to Harman Singh and Nora Wright who played tabla, Dilruba and harp on three tracks.

I lay these songs at the feet of the Guru and the Sangat.
For the beings of ALL faith and humanity, on the path of the heart.
May we awaken our innocence, love, compassion, healing, liberation and wholeness again and again, forever and ever …

Bachan Kaur

A side note:
I am not a Sikh (or any religion).
Simply a mystical girl who found this sacred path as a teenager, spiritually awakening.
The songs of this faith gave me a language to express my devotion. I am forever grateful for its beauty, sacredness and the wonderfully generous, humble, inspiring Sikh people I have met in my life. Thank you.


released November 13, 2023

Original Gurbani lyrics are all from the Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji

(you can view the lyrics, Gurmukhi, transliteration and English translations under each track)

Vocals, composition, production, mixing and mastering by Madeleine - Bachan Kaur, 2023.

Tabla (track 4): Harman Singh (@harmansg)
Saranghi (track 7): Harman Singh (@harmansg)
Harp (track 8): Nora Wright

Album art: Madeleine Sullivan (Bachan Kaur)


all rights reserved



Bachan Mexico

The sound of Bachan Kaur’s voice can make you forget what you’re doing and remember who you are.

Mysticism infuses her sound with kaleidoscopic luminescence.
Sparse dreamy electronica, organic earthy acoustics, soul stirring poetics, and the occasional boom and clack.

Mother earth and the human heart are the bread and butter of this artist’s intention and you can taste it in every song.
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