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Toon Mera Pita Toonhai Mera Mata (Divine Protection)

by Bachan

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This is a classic Shabad from the Sikh tradition…
A meditation and reminder of the great One that creates and holds all things.
That One that is the ever-present Father, Mother, Sibling and Friend.

To me, this song helps me to feel the innocence and liberation of being a child of the Divine…
It awakens the beauty of being able to let go, surrender and call upon a force greater than myself to heal, hold, align, nurture and love.

It also awakens in me, an inquiry I have within most spiritual traditions…the age old question of personal and Divine will :)

When I get to the line “All things are your doing, we can do nothing ourselves”…
I am brought into a profound state of contemplation.

Yes - it is liberating, humbling and redemptive to Surender oneself to the will of the “Divine”.
Yet simultaneously, I feel that this orientation to life can lead us to become complacent, avoidant or detached from the present world and suffering.
It risks denial of our own agency to tend to our lives and create change and choices in ourselves and the world in which we are a part.
I guess that is why I have never found myself fitting into any “Religion”.

That being said, I truly I love this poem from the Sikh faith, and other world hymns like it.
It helps awaken the feeling of myself as a tiny, fumbling being, amidst a vast and kind embrace of the One who created it all.
It is nice to be a child, to relax, to let go and allow in love and care.
And is also nice to take responsibility for caring for ourselves and the world in turn.


Ps. I am very thankful to Harman Singh (@harmansg) who came all the way to Mexico many years ago to record tabla on this track.
In my opinion it makes the track. That heartbeat felt in temples, homes and hearts around the world. Thanks Harman :)


Unfortunately I cannot figure out how to get Bandcamp to show the original Gurmukhi Script:)
Here is the Roman Transliteration and English Translation of this Shabad.
To view the beautiful original Gurmukhi Script, go the following link:

Maajh mehalaa 5 ||
Maajh, Fifth Mehl:

Thoon maeraa pithaa thoonhai maeraa maathaa ||
You are my Father, and You are my Mother.

Thoon maeraa bandhhap thoon maeraa bhraathaa ||
You are my Relative, and You are my Brother.

Thoon maeraa raakhaa sabhanee thhaaee thaa bho kaehaa kaarraa jeeo ||1||
You are my Protector everywhere; why should I feel any fear or anxiety? ||1||

Thumaree kirapaa thae thudhh pashhaanaa ||
By Your Grace, I recognize You.

Thoon maeree outt thoonhai maeraa maanaa ||
You are my Shelter, and You are my Honor.

Thujh bin dhoojaa avar n koee sabh thaeraa khael akhaarraa jeeo ||2||
Without You, there is no other; the entire Universe is the Arena of Your Play. ||2||

Jeea janth sabh thudhh oupaaeae ||
You have created all beings and creatures.

Jith jith bhaanaa thith thith laaeae ||
As it pleases You, You assign tasks to one and all.

Sabh kishh keethaa thaeraa hovai naahee kishh asaarraa jeeo ||3||
All things are Your Doing; we can do nothing ourselves. ||3||

Naam dhhiaae mehaa sukh paaeiaa ||
Meditating on the Naam, I have found great peace.

Har gun gaae maeraa man seethalaaeiaa ||
Singing the Glorious Praises of the Creator, my mind is cooled and soothed.

Gur poorai vajee vaadhhaaee naanak jithaa bikhaarraa jeeo ||4||24||31||
Through the Perfect Awakening, congratulations are pouring in-Nanak is victorious on the arduous battlefield of life! ||4||24||31||


released September 14, 2023
Original Gurbani poem: Guru Arjan Dev Ji

Vocals, composition, production, mixing and mastering by Bachan Kaur, 2023.

Tabla: Harman Singh (@harmansg)

Album art: Madeleine Sullivan (Bachan Kaur) www.artofmadeleine.com


all rights reserved



Bachan Mexico

The sound of Bachan Kaur’s voice can make you forget what you’re doing and remember who you are.

Mysticism infuses her sound with kaleidoscopic luminescence.
Sparse dreamy electronica, organic earthy acoustics, soul stirring poetics, and the occasional boom and clack.

Mother earth and the human heart are the bread and butter of this artist’s intention and you can taste it in every song.
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